Infrastructure & Internet

Ensuring our roads and bridges are safe and that there is access to high-speed broadband internet for our residents and businesses is a priority for Joe’s campaign.

Joe also believes broadband has a role to play in ensuring rural Pennsylvania remains competitive on a state, national and international level. Broadband provides access to new markets for area businesses, remote learning and employment opportunities for residents, advanced healthcare connectivity for our hospitals, and much more!

High-speed internet helps level the playing field for rural America. People can access new job markets and work remotely while enjoying the luxuries of rural life, while businesses can sell their products and services beyond their physical footprint and reach larger markets.

Joe Waltz

Joe supports

Investments in broadband internet for rural PA.

  • Joe will seek out ways to encourage private companies to focus on broadband in rural areas. 
  • By working with communities, Joe will find cost-effective ways to bring broadband internet services.
  • Creation of a local task force will help accomplish this and ensure the needs of our communities are being met. This group would include individuals from the private industry, the nonprofit sector, area educational institutions, to name a few.

Prioritization of unsafe bridges and deteriorating roadways.

  • Update our lagging infrastructure. According to PennDOT, Pennsylvania has more than 25,000 state-owned bridges, the third most in the nation. The average age of bridges in the state system is over 50 years old, and a report released in 2019 listed PA as ‘No. 2 in U.S. for bad bridges, with some in central Pa. among the worst.’ Several bridges in the 76th District are listed as being in ‘poor’ condition by PennDOT. (See bridge conditions map
  • Encourage the implementation of bike paths along new roadways in the 76th District, where feasible.