Education is near and dear to Joe’s heart.

As the first person in his family to go to college, Joe saw firsthand how education can uplift lives.

He earned a degree in Education and went on to teach in local public schools for nearly four decades. He taught generations of families in Clinton County, and he saw firsthand the struggles families and children face, as well as the challenges our schools face.

Joe supports

Investing in the future.

  • Joe will fight for investments in public schools, as well as career and technical education programs that reflect dynamic changes in agriculture, energy, and tech industries.
  • Joe will support measures to provide equitable access to early childhood education.
  • Joe will support need-based grants to help more individuals from the 76th District attain higher education.

Fair funding.

  • Joe wants to ensure our schools are able to provide equitable education to all students without burdening our senior citizens by seeking out a more equitable funding formula. Joe is willing to consider rebates, tax credits or other ideas — such as transitioning partly to an excise tax on certain goods or services to relieve property taxes for seniors.
  • Cyber-charters suck local dollars out of our communities. Local districts are responsible for paying cyber-charters based on enrollment and a skewed formula. Joe will work with our local districts to ensure their cyber offerings are competitive to help save taxpayer dollars.
  • Joe would like to create an education task force that can serve as a conduit of information regarding fair funding model preferences and more.

Removing the focus from high-stakes testing.

  • Education should be holistic and not focused on “teaching to the test.” Joe supports reforms to the statewide testing system that could advance standards while reducing the high-stakes environment that currently exists.
  • Save taxpayer dollars. These high-stakes tests require incredible security and precautions from delivery through results. 

I’ve known Joe since the early 2000’s when I first had him as an art teacher at Central Mountain High School. Joe has been dedicated to this community and will work hard for ALL its constituents.

Brittani Kline, Central Mountain high school Class of 2009