Economy + Jobs

Job creation and ensuring the 76th District remains competitive is central to our economic well being.

Joe is dedicated to ensuring businesses that want to set up shop in the 76th District are able to, promoting entrepreneurship, helping unemployed and underemployed individuals find employment, and raising the minimum wage in a way that lifts people out of poverty and also doesn’t bankrupt small businesses

Joe supports

Increasing minimum wage for workers and backing unions.

  • Joe supports a move toward family-sustaining wages. Joe believes that no one should struggle to make ends meet when working a full-time job.
  • Currently, PA is on track to increase wages $0.50 / hour per year until we reach a $15 / hour minimum wage. Joe is in favor of that incremental increase.
  • Joe supports collective bargaining rights and understands how unions have helped improve quality of life for the working class for generations.

Uplifting tourism & clean energy jobs. 

  • Joe will support investments and legislation to help retrain workers whose jobs are threatened by changes in the energy industry.  
  • Joe supports economic diversification for Pennsylvania. As coal and natural gas industries contract, the clean energy sector has become the fastest-growing energy sector and can provide long-term, family-sustaining jobs.
  • Outdoor recreation is a $29 billion industry in Pennsylvania. Joe understands that the 76th District is home to over half a million acres of public lands, open for public recreation, and he believes we can capitalize on this to attract visitors, new residents and investments in our area. 

New investments in the agriculture industry.

  • Joe will work with entrepreneurs and farmers to help them find technical assistance and to help connect them to resources.
  • Joe will support legislation to provide grants for farms to go organic. Pennsylvania is second in organic sales in the country and can continue leading the charge.
  • Joe also believes investments in hemp production can help sustain Pennsylvania farms. This is expected to be a $26 billion industry nationwide. The fertile valleys and farms of the 76th District could diversify their crops to get in early on this industry. Biodegradable plastic, textiles, paper, health foods, and more!