Pennsylvania is a global leader in agricultural, food and lumber production, and the 76th District is no stranger to farmlands. 

Joe grew up on a farm in Lycoming County, beginning farm chores at a young age. Although his family sold the farm when he was in junior high school, Joe worked on other farms, where he picked produce, baled hay, and more. He knows firsthand how important this industry is to our region, and he will champion farmers in Harrisburg.

Joe supports

New investments in the agriculture industry.

  • Joe will work with entrepreneurs and farmers to help them find technical assistance and to help connect them to resources.
  • Joe will support legislation to provide grants for farms to go organic. Pennsylvania is second in organic sales in the country and can continue leading the charge.
  • Joe also believes investments in hemp production can help sustain Pennsylvania farms. This is expected to be a $26 billion industry nationwide. The fertile valleys and farms of the 76th District could diversify their crops to get in early on this industry. Biodegradable plastic, textiles, paper, health foods, and more!

Training for new farmers.

  • Joe would consider supporting incentives to encourage a new generation of farmers in Pennsylvania, including tax rebates and scholarships to apprenticeship programs.
  • Joe will encourage Career and Technical Education Centers to ensure programming includes agricultural studies.

Uplifting agri-tourism as a viable economic driver for Pennsylvania.

  • Part of Joe’s Jobs Plan includes a focus on nature and heritage tourism. Did you know that outdoor recreation is a $29 billion industry in Pennsylvania? Joe believes we can capitalize on our area’s natural assets to attract visitors, new residents and investments in our area. 
  • Diversifying farming operations to include tourism components can create new revenue streams for farms of all sizes.
  • Bringing others in to learn about farm operations and celebrate the agrarian lifestyle will help inspire a new generation of farmers.