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Quotes from the 76th District is a weekly feature designed to showcase why residents of the district support Joe Waltz’s bid for State Representative. The quotes are shared on the campaign Facebook and Instagram pages, typically on Wednesdays.

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“I represent Progressive Republicans. I want folks to want to come to the 76th. I want business to come to our district. I want tolerance and acceptance of all people to come to our district. I want Joe Waltz as my state Representative.”

– Richard Conklin

“Joe Waltz is not just the best person to represent our 76th District, he’s the right person. Get out and VOTE!”

Lou Taylor

“Joe Waltz is a good and trustworthy human being. Joe treats others with respect and listens to the thoughts and concerns of the people he is seeking to represent. He will be an excellent voice for the 76th District.”

– Dave Strouse

“Joe won’t make promises that he can’t keep. He doesn’t lie just to tell you what you want to hear. He listens, he tries to solve problems, and he helps to find good solutions. We need more honest people like Joe representing us in Harrisburg. That’s why I want Joe Waltz to be our next State Representative.”

– Claire O’Toole Gray

“Joe and I have spoken at length on several occasions and a topic that comes up often would be firearms. I know Joe is absolutely fine with honest, law abiding citizens owning firearms. I also know Joe very much supports our hunting traditions that many of us hold near and dear to our hearts here in Central PA.”

– Kerry Stover

“Joe is such a stand up guy! He was my teacher once and I am honored to be able to call him a good friend now. I am positive his service to our community would reflect his outstanding character.”

– Kristine Brown Meeker

“Joe’s dedicated career in education, namely Keystone Central School District, is a reason to vote for him. I believe with his background he will have his head, Heart, and Hand in what is good for our Keystone children and our community.”

– Denise Sementelli

“I’ve never been more sure who I want to represent me in Harrisburg. Mr. Waltz has the integrity, compassion and drive to represent us all. I’m voting for Joe Waltz for State Representative. The Leadership we need the Leadership we deserve.”

– Bill Mincer

“Right off the bat, when you meet Joe, it’s obvious that he is intelligent and articulate and has a great sense of humor and integrity. What becomes clear as you get to know him is how much he cares about people, especially the people in his community here in central Pennsylvania. Then you get to meet his many long-term, loyal friends and his lovely wife, Stephanie, which tells you a lot about a man’s character.”

– Leigh-Anne Congdon

“I’m voting for Joe Waltz because he genuinely cares about the people in the 76th and will listen to concerns from both parties.”

– Rona Houser

“Joe Waltz is a good, intelligent, thoughtful person — exactly what Clinton County needs right now. He gets my vote and my wholehearted support.”

– Lou Bernard

“Support Joe for accountable representation for the citizens of our district.”

– Sue J. Morris

“Joe Waltz will make a great representative for the 76th District because not only is he dedicated to our community from his years of service in education but he is patient and knowledgeable of our needs in Central PA. I believe Joe will fight to keep education a priority in our towns and make sure we have all resources available to make our schools the best.”

– Ashley Rippey

“Hope, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, ethical behavior, unity, stability, unbiased representation, fiscal responsibility… just a few qualities that Joe Waltz will bring to the 76th District.”

– Jason Walker

“Joe has always been a leader…. You can always count on Joe for an answer to a problem. If he doesn’t have an answer, he is the type of man who will not stop until he finds an answer.”

– Jaime Grieco

“Joe is one of the kindest, most level headed, down to earth, upstanding people I know! He has spent years serving our community through teaching, coaching, and more. His experience with our community and desire for its greatest potential would make him the very best State Representative.”

– Sondra Perry

“Joe Waltz has served the people of Clinton County for over 50 years as an educator, coach and volunteer. Joe will serve the 76th district with honor and integrity and I am proud to say that he has my vote on November 3rd.”

– Lenny Gugino

“Before Joe Waltz was a candidate, he was a caring teacher, a cheerleader for his community, a man about town who had a genuine smile for everyone he met. He has not changed since he became a candidate. A vote for Joe is a vote for the ‘real deal!'”

– Nancy Antram

“I support Joe Waltz because he respects people of all parties. He will put people over party and work for the common good of the 76th District.”

– Tyler Barth

“Mr. Waltz was my teacher. He has remained a person who I strive to emulate. I cannot think of a better person for public office.”

– Roxanne Miller

“I know Joe and I know he is a good, fair, and honest man. I also have total confidence that he will help bring our community together, all Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. It is very important to me and him that we help to unite our district.”

– Barbara Pribble

“As a Snow Shoe Township Supervisor, I look forward to working with Joe Waltz on issues that deal directly with the citizens of Snow Shoe Township. Joe will show up for us and will work diligently on our behalf. He understands the issues associated with living in a rural community. Please join me in supporting Joe Waltz as our next State Rep!”

– Rod Preslovich

“As a Republican, Joe Waltz has earned my vote with his transparency and willingness to listen to all sides. He has tremendous life experience and a deep knowledge of local issues. Joe is a great candidate who will represent the entire 76th fairly, regardless of political party. I have full faith that he is the answer for both Republicans and Democrats.”

– Tracie Giles Christensen

“The listening ear, unconditional support and moral guidance he has provided to me and so many over several decades will undoubtedly translate to his representation of his constituents. Joe is the right person at the right time to represent us in the 76th district!”

– Zach Hanna

“Joe wholeheartedly wants the best for his community. He will be a strong voice and advocate for the people of the 76th district. Joe is a dedicated and honorable man who I trust to be a much needed voice of reason during these complex and confusing times.”

– Mary Way

“Joe will work to bring whatever State resources are available to help our communities grow, prosper and keep it safe for our citizens.”


“I have every confidence that Joe will listen to us with utmost respect and will act on our best interests in Harrisburg. We can trust him. He hears us, and he cares.”

– Karen Elias

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Joe for 45 years. As a fellow Art teacher, I admired Joe’s talent as an artist, a teacher and a coach. It was easy to see why Joe was so popular with his students. Joe was kind, compassionate, caring, and an excellent role model for integrity and honesty. Joe always did what was best for his students and will do the same for the people he will represent in the 76th district.”

Will Hanson

“I will vote for Joe Waltz because he is the kind of person who will look at all sides of the problem and then act in the best interest of all the voters.”

– Elaine Miller

“The 76th District Representative is our hotline to Harrisburg. We need the competence and commitment that Joe offers.”

– Dan Reeder

“Joe Waltz will represent every person in the 76th district regardless of his constituent’s party, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. The Pennsylvania 76th District needs a representative who will stand for all of the people in Clinton and Centre Counties. I strongly support Joe Waltz for PA Representative for the 76th Legislative District.”

Joan Heller

“I am voting for Joe Waltz because I have known him for most of my adult life and I trust that he will make the right unbiased decisions for the 76th District.”

– Calvin Winner

“Joe Waltz makes sure to understand the problem and then works hard to find and implement a solution. He is the right person to be the representative for the 76th District.”

– Rose Reeder

“I first met Joe over 25 years ago, when he was the Lock Haven Junior High basketball coach and I was the cheerleader coach. He was (and still is) a patient man, a good listener and genuinely cares about those entrusted to his care. He makes sure he is knowledgeable about whatever he becomes involved in. I know he will use those same qualities to represent the people he serves!”

– Sheila Bauman

“Coach (Joe) Waltz has provided such purposeful and meaningful guidance to so many for years. He is rational, honest, and fair; qualities that emboss his leadership. As State Representative, we’d be getting a lifelong creative mind with a solution-based focus.”

– Tyler Bardo

“I support Joe Waltz as our State Representative in the upcoming election. Joe served the KCSD as a well-liked and highly-respected art teacher and basketball coach for many years. In addition, he is involved in many community activities. Joe is knowledgeable about government and will serve the citizens of the 76th District with honesty and integrity.”

– Eleanor Kodish

“I have known Joe Waltz for over 40 years. I am supporting him to become our next State Representative because he is a genuine person who cares deeply for this area and everyone who resides here on an equal basis. He is a great listener and will go to Harrisburg with an open mind focusing on bringing good jobs to this area, supporting more educational opportunities for our youth and protecting our senior citizens.”

– Maripat Dion

“I am proud to support Joe Waltz because Joe will represent all of us. He does not care if you are a Republican or a Democrat. Joe sees us all as neighbors and members of a community, and he will represent all of us in Harrisburg.”

– michael madden

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