Rural Pennsylvania Deserves a Rural Bill of Rights

On September 17th, in recognition of Constitution Day, I spent time with fellow candidates in Harrisburg to celebrate and sign the Rural Bill of Rights, which strives to protect and promote access to affordable healthcare, infrastructure investments, broadband internet, clean air and more for the people living in rural Pennsylvania. 

Over the past nine or so months, I’ve heard from hundreds of residents in our district about the challenges they face.  And while each story is unique, there are common threads. Threads that go back generations in our area. 

Many of us have experienced or know someone who has experienced difficulty accessing affordable healthcare or who has had to travel long distances for routine care. We all have heard about the infrastructure issues facing our communities, including bridge repairs that have stalled out without funding. We’ve experienced or witnessed problems with broadband in the era of COVID-19, when classes, work and so much more have pushed us all online even longer. And we all have concerns about our water, air and environment being cared for in a way that it is able to be enjoyed for future generations.

Too often rural communities are viewed as places removed from the halls where decisions are made and where resources are retrieved but not rewarded. We know the impacts of our communities are no less important than those of cities; however, rural communities do not always receive the investments they deserve. 

It’s time our voices are heard in Harrisburg. That’s why I support the Rural Bill of Rights. And that’s why I’m running to be your next state representative.

Tenants of the Rural Bill of Rights:

  1. Access to Hospitals and Affordable Healthcare
  2. Access to Broadband and Cell Phone Service
  3. Access to Public Transportation
  4. Investment in Public Education
  5. Protection and Growth of Family Farms
  6. Access to Good Paying Jobs and Worker Protections
  7. Infrastructure Investments
  8. Support of Local Businesses
  9. Access to Clean Air, Water and Land
  10. Upholding the Pa. and U.S. Constitutions.

– Joe Waltz