Joe Waltz earns three union endorsements for 76th House District

Three Pennsylvania labor unions this week announced they will be endorsing Joe Waltz for state representative in Pennsylvania House District 76. The unions include Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, AFSCME Council 13, and APSCUF.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) and AFSCME Council 13 (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) indicated they are recommending Waltz to their members because of his strong support for workers and local government employees in Pennsylvania.

“We support candidates that believe in a strong system of public higher education in the Commonwealth and share our union values,” said Jamie Martin, president of APSCUF (Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties). APSCUF represents faculty members and coaches employed at Pennsylvania’s 14 publicly owned universities, including Lock Haven University.

“I am humbled to receive the support of the AFSCME Council 13, AFL-CIO and APSCUF,” Waltz said. “These unions support the rights of working people and also provide opportunities for employees to acquire valuable skills for the 21st century economy. I pledge to work alongside our local officials, public employees, private industry workers and the education community to help develop meaningful solutions to existing challenges and new opportunities for our district.”

Waltz, who served 34 years as an educator within the Keystone Central School District before retiring in 2007, previously earned the support of the PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association). He has indicated his commitment to working with local elected officials as well as state, county and municipal employees to ensure Harrisburg is hearing their concerns. Waltz has also been vocal about his intention to support workers rights and help attract new job opportunities to the 76th District.

Waltz’s campaign is focused on the people and matters that impact their daily lives, such as good jobs and decent pay; quality education; fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayer; and public health and accessibility to affordable healthcare.