This Campaign is about the People!

By now, you know that my name is Joe Waltz and I’m running for state representative in Pennsylvania’s 76th District.

I am running for state representative because I know the 76th is not a single-issue district, that we deserve a representative who puts people over partisanship and rhetoric, and that we need a representative who will represent everyone in the 76th District respectfully and with an open mind.  

In short, this campaign is about People Over Party.

My goal is to fight for all the people of rural Pennsylvania and ensure we are not left behind by Harrisburg or left out due to partisan politics. I intend to do this by being pragmatic and focusing on issues that impact people’s everyday lives — including jobs and the economy, affordable education, and quality infrastructure, such as high-speed internet and safe bridges. 

These are some of my priorities because I believe that bettering these areas will help improve the quality of life for our District’s residents and attract people to our area. However, these are also my priorities because I have heard the people of the 76th District — people who’ve spoken to me while at the store, during my town halls, on a phone call, or at a municipal meeting — and these issues, which may not make newspaper headlines, are the ones on their minds.

I’ve heard concerns ranging from seniors living on fixed incomes as property taxes rise to workers finding good paying, family-sustaining jobs in our area; to children growing up in the same community their parents did while facing a whole new set of environmental and social challenges; to our brave volunteer firemen being adequately funded; to the lack of high-speed internet access in our rural communities; to the early impacts of climate change; to the lack of civility in Harrisburg, and so many more. COVID-19 has certainly complicated all of our lives in a big way as well.

If you share any of these concerns — then you too are, in a sense, running for state representative. You have a stake in this game. And this campaign is yours to share. 

When I’m your state representative and someone walks into my office or calls me on the phone, I promise you the last thing on my mind will be whether they are a Republican or a Democrat, a conservative or a liberal or other. They will be a constituent. Whether they are white collar, blue collar, or no collar, they will be a constituent. Regardless of their race, gender or religion, they will be a constituent. A constituent I will listen to and, due to mutual respect, hopefully shake hands with (or elbow bump!) at the end, and if not, I will look at it as my failure.

As someone I respect once said, “Today, more than ever, we need more of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ and less of ‘THOSE PEOPLE.’” I truly believe that all of us in the 76th District have a whole lot more in common than we do differences. Yes, there are many issues but I believe that WE THE PEOPLE can find solutions. We are all citizens of this great, big, beautiful Commonwealth and WE THE PEOPLE can, and must, work together to bring success and prosperity to the 76th for generations to come.

– Joe Waltz