Joe Waltz offers thoughts on racial injustice

Recently, the Centre Daily Times sent questions to Joe Waltz, candidate for PA 76th District State Representative, regarding George Floyd, racial injustice and more.

Here is the Q&A verbatim.

CDT: Did you watch the George Floyd video? If so, what was your initial reaction? (And, if not, why?)

JW: Yes, I did see the George Floyd video. My reaction was one of extreme sadness.

CDT: Do you believe most protests surrounding the movement sparked by George Floyd are peaceful? And would you be supportive of President Trump calling on the Insurrection Act of 1807 to quell civil disorder?

JW: Yes, I do believe most protests, including the ones locally, have been peaceful. For that reason, I feel there is no need for the Insurrection Act of 1807 to be initiated. 

CDT: What, if any, law-enforcement laws or policies should be re-evaluated to prevent an incident similar to George Floyd?

JW: I believe a majority of law enforcement personnel are caring and devoted public servants who are sympathetic to the George Floyd incident and its aftermath.  However, this is one of too many such incidents that have taken place, and the underlying issues need to be addressed on a structural level to ensure our society lives up to the promise of providing equal protections under the law. Policies and programs that encourage law enforcement agencies to build better relationships with the people they serve, to study and recognize racial bias and its implications in their line of duty, to only use reasonable force, and to wear body cameras for accountability are all good places to start. Some departments already have such policies in place, and I am hopeful that these will be reemphasized and reevaluated in light of unfolding events. Ultimately, learning from and being accountable to one another will help us build stronger, safer communities that are just for all residents living in them.

To read the full CDT article, click here.